This Is The Best Spa Treatment In Mayakoba, Mexico Right Now

Rainforest Experience

Spas aren’t for everyone. Myself included.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll never turn down the opportunity to have someone work out all of the knots I’m accumulating by sitting in front of my computer as I furiously write this article with my shoulders hunched up to my ears and my back slouching over my computer. I’m no dummy.

But it’s never something that I seek out. Especially on a vacation. I mean, when there are beaches to explore, towns to be experienced and local delicacies to be devoured, who wants to sit inside and do something you can do at home? (Maybe this is why I need a vacation after my vacations? But I digress.)

So, when this treatment came across my radar, I was intrigued. It’s a spa treatment. But it’s interactive. There are elements to it that I’ve never seen in a spa treatment, let alone a spa. It’s still indoors, and it’s still a spa treatment at the end of the day (yes, you will be forced to relax), but there’s some substance to it. There are different elements to the experiences. There are sounds. There are sights. There are smells. Relaxing doesn’t have to be dull. Color me intrigued.

It involves eight different hydrotherapy experiences.

There’s a Rain Walk–which is almost exactly what it sounds like. You walk barefoot on a stone pathway under a “rain shower” while a soundtrack of thunder plays and the lights flash and flutter to mimic lightning.

While I want you to get an idea what you’re in for, I also don’t want to ruin the entire experience for you. So, I’ll just say that you should expect a mix of saunas, steam rooms, an ice bath (which feels much better than it sounds), a Brine Cavern, and showers of varying temperatures with themes like Summer Storm, Arctic Mist and Tropical Rainbow. All of which are beautifully designed to represent the elements that they’re supposed to embody, and with soundtracks specific to their themes–lightning and thunder in the Summer Storm, wind in the Arctic Mist and birds and jungle cries in the Tropical Rainbow.

Banyan Tree MayakobaBanyan Tree Mayakoba

The Brine Cavern.

And last, but certainly not least, the treatment ends with a dip in the Vitality Pool–the iconic blue pool that you’ll see everywhere once you start researching this treatment. It’s a nice end to the experience, with its four different sections–a lounge chair section with built in jets, two different hot tubs, and a fountain with a pretty aggressive flow (in a good way) that really does the trick for those shoulder knots.

The best part is that while you have someone from the spa leading you through the experience, you go through it at your own pace. So if you don’t like a certain element to the treatment, just let them know and move on to one that you do. You’re in charge here.

The Rainforest Indulgence experience includes a 60 minute massage following your trip through the rainforest, and now that you’re really starting to get a hang of this whole relaxation thing, just go with it.

Perhaps an outdoor massage is more your style now?

Banyan Tree Mayakoba