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Teen sexting may be more common than you think

At least one in four teens are receiving sexually explicit texts and emails, and

Childhood obesity is worse among 2-5 year olds

espite awareness campaigns, American children are still obese. New federal data published in the

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Matt White remembers that day in September 2016 when a mystery began to unravel

Standing desks may be harmful to your health, according to new study

New research out of Australia says using a standing desk for extended periods of

U.S. to file ‘statement of interest’ in lawsuits against opioid makers, distributors

The U.S. Justice Department will argue the federal government deserves reimbursement for costs it

Aerobic exercise slows cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease

Cardiovascular exercise training may help slow the decline in brain function seen in Alzheimer’s

Pre-sex HIV drug ‘no-brainer’ for NHS

A drug to dramatically cut the risk of HIV infection during sex would save

NHS waits for cancer care, A&E and ops worsen across UK

The performance of hospitals across the UK has slumped with targets for cancer, A&E

Hundreds of families block organ donation

Organs from 505 registered donors could not be made available for transplant in the

‘Steep rise’ in self-harm among teenage girls

There has been a steep rise in reports of self-harm among girls aged 13