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Could an ‘insane’ Russian nuclear torpedo cause 300-foot tidal waves?

Russia’s reported development of a formidable nuclear-powered torpedo or underwater drone is fueling concern

This 3,000-year-old horse got a human-style burial

More than 3,000 years ago in the Nile River Valley, a body was carefully

Mountain lion captured in Utah bares its teeth

Did it want to take a walk on the wild side? A mountain lion

World’s oldest spider has died after wasp attack

The world’s oldest spider has died at the age of 43 after being subdued

Icy Mars crater shines in European probe’s 1st photo from new orbit

A European Mars spacecraft’s first photo from its new orbit is a real doozy.

Heat shield for NASA’s Mars 2020 rover cracks during test

The heat shield for NASA’s upcoming Mars rover suffered a fracture during testing recently,

Multiple deer shot with arrows through head, body; Oregon police searching for suspect

At least two deer were discovered wandering around Friday with arrows sticking through their

Auschwitz letter thought to be only one of its kind

That Vilma Grunwald’s letter even exists is extraordinary. She penned it in the minutes

Blue Origin launches and lands New Shepard

Jeff Bezos has big plans for space, and the latest successful launch of Blue

Ancient Christian ruins discovered under former ISIS-held territory

MANBIJ, Syria –  For more than two years, ISIS forces who occupied this northern