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Experts imagine how robot-led AI apocalypse could play out

Sci-fi movies have long portrayed a frightening world where robots take over and use

Extremely rare copy of the Declaration of Independence, once hidden behind wallpaper, surfaces

An extremely rare copy of the Declaration of Independence that was hidden behind wallpaper

Could methane on Saturn’s moon Enceladus be a sign of life?

Some hardy Earth microbes could likely survive in the Saturn moon Enceladus’ buried ocean,

Rare blue ice stacks ‘as high as a three-story building’ form along Michigan’s Great Lakes

In the middle of her work shift Sunday morning, Tori Burley received a text message

Discovery of giant hand axes suggest a prehistoric ‘Game of Thrones’ scenario in ancient Europe

Even our earliest human ancestors made and used technology — something we can look

Israeli gardener discovers remarkable 700-year-old ‘Santa Claus’ ring

A gardener in Israel has unearthed a rare bronze ring bearing the image of

Penguins die in ‘catastrophic’ Antarctic breeding season

All but two Adelie penguin chicks have starved to death in their east Antarctic

Bloodhound Diary: Jet engine’s stamp of approval

; 1,228km/h). Bloodhound should start running on Hakskeen Pan in Northern Cape, South Africa, in 2019.

‘Big, bad wolf’ image flawed – scientists

New research casts doubt on the idea that dogs are naturally more tolerant and

Gravitational waves: So many new toys to unwrap

Whenever there’s a big science discovery, it’s always nice to get a historical perspective.