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Amazon Prime will start costing you $119 per year

Amazon Prime is soon going to cost you an extra $20. On Thursday, Amazon

Apple’s Siri in the spotlight for potty mouth

Apple’s virtual assistant Siri is under fire after it came to light that it has

Facebook tests downvote option for page post comments

Facebook is starting to look a little more like Reddit for some users. The social

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum is leaving Facebook amid reported disputes

WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum is reportedly not happy with company parent Facebook, and has

Galaxy S9 hits record low for sales

Something bad is happening with smart phone sales. And it’s becoming a big problem

Twitter sold data to Cambridge Analytica-linked researcher

Facebook wasn’t the only internet platform that had its data harvested by researcherAleksandr Kogan. Twitter

5 quick fixes for computer problems

Computers live by Murphy’s Law: “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” Which is

Google taps tech to battle opioid crisis

Google is throwing its weight behind the effort to tackle America’s opioid crisis. For National

Giant alligator nearly the size of a car stops traffic on Texas highway

A giant alligator nearly the length of a small family car was captured in

Giant walking robot transforms into a sports car

Any kid who grew up watching Transformers cartoons wanted one in real life, and now a