Disneyland’s ‘Toy Story’ alien popcorn buckets are causing major lines

Disneyland has released a Pixar-themed popcorn bucket for a limited time.

Disneyland has hit its biggest fans with yet another limited-edition collectable popcorn bucket – and they couldn’t be more excited. In fact, Disneyland fans are so eager for the “Toy Story”-themed container that there are reportedly three-hour long lines just to get one.

The item is already so popular that on Instagram there are nearly 200 posts tagged #alienpopcornbucket – two days after they officially went on sale.


The popcorn bucket is designed to look like one of the Little Green Men from the Pixar film “Toy Story.” When the container is full, it looks like the creature is eating the popcorn.

However, there is a catch – the $20 bucket is only available until May 24 for Annual Passholders. Though, plenty of the popcorn holders are being re-sold on eBay, just for a bit more than the asking price.

The exclusive souvenir is available at select popcorn carts at both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park, Delish reported.