Is There Some Magical Flavor in Gourmet Coffee Beans? – If So Where Does it Come From?

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Is there a magical flavor in Gourmet coffee beans? But what is it that decides a coffee is gourmet? If you drink coffee and have ever stopped to look at the different types of the ground coffee bean can brands on the supermarket shelf. You might wonder if they really are gourmet beans. Buying a can or packet of the beans is a little bit too much in a packet at one time to actually give some a try next time you’re shopping for coffee.

Instead of grabbing that huge tub of ground coffee, the same brand you’ve been purchasing and drinking for years, or instead of grabbing that more expensive, smaller tub of “gourmet” ground coffee, break out of your coffee rut and give fresh beans a try.

But what is it that decides a coffee is gourmet?

For me gourmet means something that i don’t normally purchase like a more expensive treat, and it might be the same for you too. You can also say that Kona coffee is a gourmet coffee under the terms of a more expensive treat, as it is only grown in one place and that is on the island of Kona, Hawaii.

That means of course that the coffee growers of Kona Hawaii need to transport their products to you the purchaser. And we can do that too, right to your door, either ground ready for your coffee making or as roasted and even green beans.

Some people already own a coffee grinder, or remember when their parents used to purchase beans and grind them at home. Many stores can still accommodate you purchase of roasted beans with a grinder right in the coffee aisle and also many coffee houses grind their coffee as they make your drink too.

The beans our parents purchased and ground were usually not gourmet coffee beans, it was simply cheaper to buy the beans and grind them yourself. If you don’t have a grinder at home, coffee grinders aren’t expensive.

You’ll also enjoy the smell of freshly ground coffee beans. While some savor that rich smell when they open a tub or brick of pre-ground coffee, once you’ve opened and inhaled the aroma of freshly ground beans, that tub of coffee won’t ever smell quite the same to you again.

Some people who are very choosy when it comes to coffee, purchase several different types of beans and combine them in certain combinations to get the coffee taste they want. Most of us probably aren’t going to take the time to do that.

We know what we like when we drink coffee, and we know what we don’t like. That’s why we frequent the different coffee shops offering things like a doughnut or a sandwich with our cup or mug of coffee.

In that case, gourmet coffee beans can be ideal because they’re already specially chosen and designed to offer up a much richer, more complex taste than that bag of coffee grounds you can purchase at your local supermarket. You don’t have to purchase the same old beans or ground coffee from your supermarket anymore.

You can break out of that habit with gourmet coffee beans from the Kona coffee guy, you can buy coffee beans online and have them delivered right to your door too.

You can find blends of different beans like the almighty Arabic, Jamaican, Colombian and many others in the supermarket isles, as well as beans that are infused with different flavors. But by adding your own flavors the taste is totally different.

You can add cocoa that will give your coffee a chocolate flavor, or cinnamon or even a hint of fruit or vanilla, or almost anything you can imagine even rum to give it that extra punch.

When you’re looking at gourmet coffee beans, you literally have hundreds of choices, and that choice can seem almost overwhelming. Most places that offer this many choices have information about different types of coffee beans, roasting times, flavors and hints of flavor and general coffee information to help you choose which type of beans to purchase.

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