Kim Kardashian hopes that General Mills will bring back Dunkaroos

The reality star voiced her support for the return of the cookie and icing dunkers on Twitter.

Kim Kardashian West may swear by an intense diet and excercise regime to maintain her famous frame, but the reality star apparently misses Dunkaroos just like the rest of us.

On April 24, Twitter user @_LukeKellly shared a screenshot of what appeared to be a direct message with the official Betty Crocker Twitter account, asking how many message retweets it would take to bring back the brand’s beloved cookie and icing snack.

“150,000” the account replied.

“Let’s make this happen,” @_LukeKelly wrote, in a message that has since been retweeted over 220,000 times.

Three days later, the mom of three proudly voiced her support for the return of the favorite 90’s cookie treat.

“Obsessed with Dunkaroos. Please come back!” Kardashian West wrote to her 59 million followers.

Just as fans began to rejoice the treat’s impending return, a General Mills representative shot down the speculation, confirming that there are currently no plans in the works to bring back the cookies.


“We love hearing from consumers and we hear from them all the time whenever we discontinue a product because we know someone will miss our products,” spokesman Mike Siemienas told KUTV, adding that @_LukeKelly’s messages with the official Betty Crocker Twitter account were likely created in PhotoShop.