The Victoria’s Secret underwear that ‘broke the internet’

VELVET has been a serious fashion trend this year, from dresses to shoes to bedding and furnishings.

So what about a pair of velvet undies to finish off your “on trend” look?

Lingerie giant Victoria’s Secret have decided that’s exactly what you need. And it turns out many agree. The release of their velvet underpants are selling like, well, velvet.

The VS PINK undies, which come with a matching bralette, have been released in stores in four shades: burgundy, blush, blue and black.

A post about the underwear has already amassed over 260,000 likes and 5800 comments in a little under five hours.

And it’s not just Instagram going crazy over the fluffy little numbers. Twitter is alight with hilarious reactions to the crushed velvet G-strings as well.

However, not everyone is hitting “Add to cart” at the mention of velvet. Several people have pointed out the practicality and hygiene issues of wearing underwear made from the thick, textural fabric.