Wisconsin bar’s name stirs controversy in #MeToo era: It’s ‘very irresponsible’

A Milwaukee woman says it might be time to change the name of a local bar.

A Milwaukee-area bar called “Walk Her Inn, Drag Her Out” is stirring controversy in the #MeToo era because critics say the name promotes sexual assault.

Milwaukee resident Paress Huebner took a photo of the bar’s sign and posted it on social media, Fox 6 reported.

Another photo of the logo shows a cartoon caveman dragging a woman by her hair.

The bar has operated in the Milwaukee suburb of West Allis for 30 years.  (Fox 6)

“A friend of mine showed it to me a month ago and I said, ‘This exists? It’s 2018. This is insane,’” Huebner told Fox 6.

“A friend of mine showed it to me a month ago and I said, ‘This exists? It’s 2018. This is insane.’”

– Paress Huebner, Milwaukee

The bar reportedly has been a neighborhood staple for more than 30 years in West Allis, Wis., a suburb about 7 miles west of Milwaukee. But Huebner said she believes both the name and logo need to be changed.

“It’s, at the very least, unnecessary, at the most, offensive. For whatever reason, I was like, ‘Let’s put it on Facebook,’ and something needs to be done and said because they just crossed the line,” Huebner said.

Many people who commented on the post believe the name suggests acceptance of mistreatment of women, OnMilwaukee.com reported.

“I think some people will say it’s a joke, but a lot of people will take it for what it is — and that’s rape culture,” Michael Reece said, according to Fox 6.

“Having something that implies any nonconsensual activity right [when] walking in the door is very irresponsible,” resident Christine Nell told WDJT-TV.

Diane and Kristian Plumeri, husband and wife, have owned the bar for nine years, Fox 6 reported.