Sales 101 by Wendy Connick (Hardback, 2019)

Master the Art of Selling with Expert Tips and Strategies from Wendy Connick

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Sales 101 by Wendy Connick (Hardback, 2019) is an ideal guide for new entrants to the sales field, presented in a conversational and easy-to-grasp manner, providing readers with the necessary information and training to launch their sales career.

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Additional Product Details

  • Comprehensive guide to sales strategies and techniques
  • Written by experienced sales coach Wendy Connick
  • Covers various stages of the sales process
  • Learn how to close deals with ease
  • Suitable for beginners and seasoned sales professionals alike
  • Features real-life examples and case studies for practical application
  • Easy to read and understand language
  • Ideal for self-paced learning or as a training tool for teams
  • Designed to help you increase your sales and revenue
  • A valuable addition to any business library

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